National Mediation Awards 2018

9th October 2018 - 6pm - 9.30pm,

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster, London


When do the National Mediation Awards start?


The doors for the National Mediation Awards open at 6pm and the ceremony lasts until 9.30pm.


What are the National Mediation Awards?


The National Mediation Awards were established in 2007 by David Liddle. The awards are an opportunity to celebrate and reward best practice across all forms of mediation.


Who is organising the awards?


Originally, the National Mediation Awards were organised and run by the Professional Mediators Association (PMA). However, from 2018, the Awards are being organised as a joint venture between the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and the College of Mediators (CoM).


How do I make a nomination?


Simply compete the online nomination form. Please ensure that you respond fully to the judging criterial in your response.


How much detail/evidence is required to nominate?


Please provide sufficient detail to explain how you meet the judging criteria. We are unable to access supporting documents such as videos or case studies, so your nomination needs to include all of the relevant details to help the judges to make their decision.


Can I nominate myself?


Yes, you can, or you can be nominated by another person. Where you are nominating another persona, we recommend that you discuss your nomination with them first.


Can I be nominated for more than one category?


Yes, there is no limit on the number of categories that you can be nominated for.


Do nominees have to be members of the CoM of CMC?


No, there is no requirement to be a member of either organisation (although this would be preferred of course).


What are the benefits of being nominated?


There are huge reputational and PR benefits to people who are nominated and of course winners will benefit from being able to describe themselves as award winners. In addition, you will act as a source of inspiration to others.


How much does it cost to be nominated?


It is free to nominate.


What happens if I win an award?


You will receive an award and you will be asked to say a few words at the awards ceremony. If an award is significantly oversubscribed, the judges reserve the right to award a ‘high commended’ award to the closest runner up.


What happens if I am not a winner?


You will receive some feedback within 8 weeks of the awards concluding. Please note that judge’s decisions are final, there is no appeals procedure and correspondence, will not be entered into.


How can I be judge for the awards?


We are seeking judges for the awards, if you are interested, please contact for an information pack.



What is expected of judges?


You will be asked to judge between 3 to 6 categories depending on the volume of nominations’ You will have a template to complete and you will be asked to supply feedback which can be passed back to the nominees.


Do I need to pay for a ticket if I am nominated?




When is the deadline for nominations?


Entries can be submitted until the 21/09/2018.

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